This Page is about Benefits of doing surgery in Thailand

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Benefits of doing surgery in Thailand

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    Benefits of doing surgery in Thailand

    The increasing medical costs in the western world, the long wait for undergoing medical procedures and surgery in public hospitals and the soaring bills of the private hospitals are making it difficult for people to undergo surgery in western countries. In countries like United Kingdom and Australia, the public health care system is so over burdened that people sometimes have to wait for a few months to a few years in order to undergo critical medical procedures. In countries like US the cost of undergoing cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery is becoming increasingly high. Thailand, on the contrary, offers the same standard of surgical procedures at a much affordable cost. The person undergoing the surgery can also make an appointment for the surgery in Bangkok at his own convenience, thereby avoiding the long wait in the public hospitals. As a result of this medical tourism and overseas medical holidays are becoming increasingly popular in Thailand and are promoted by the Thai Tourism industry. People from the developed countries can enjoy their vacation in Thailand and combine the holiday with medical procedures of the same high standard that is maintained in the western countries, although at a much cheaper and affordable cost. In big cities such as Bangkok and Phuket, English is well spoken and understood, especially at private clinics that will interest tourists looking for treatment.

    Some of the popular surgical procedures performed in Thailand on the westerners are procedures that enhance the beauty. These medical procedures include cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. These include surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck and surgical procedures done on the nose and the face . Other cosmetic procedures include Botox treatment, face lift, gastric bypass, which in simple terms means weight loss surgery. Tourists also undergo complex and elective surgeries such as knee replacement, hip replacement and cardiac surgery.

    Even in the case of a simple plastic surgery in Thailand such as rhinoplasty, wrinkle reduction, nose correction or nose job , cosmetic laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, male cosmetic surgery, eye lid correction (also because of age) face lift etc. the prices are quite low .Other surgical procedures such as sex reassignment, breast augmentation and breast reduction are also performed at a much affordable and cheaper cost compared to European countries.

    Plastic surgery holidays are usually best if planned for 2 weeks as this gives you the optimum recovery time and a great vacation before you need to return home. However 1 week is also enough for just the surgery procedure. Many cheap air fights are now available from these medical destinations which suit the individual's budget and are tailor made for the surgical holiday. A little bit of browsing and research will help a person to find the best deal.

    The affordable and high standard medical, dental and cosmetic procedures, combined with a vacation in a country known for its rich natural beauty, heritage, culture and exotic Thai food make Thailand one of the popular destinations in medical tourism.

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