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Membership system

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    Membership system

    I can create a membership system for your website using PHP and MySQL.a user based login system for your website. With this feature your website can grow far beyond what you expected it to. Your website can become a community and it can become very interactive, therefore bringing users back to your website for more action.

    Some Membership system features :

    1) Collect information about the user during signup and store that information into MySQL.
    2) Generate a random password and encrypt it into the database.
    3) Validate the user's email address before they can login.
    4) Create a login system for the user to validate his/her information against the database.
    5) Create a lost password recovery tool.
    6) Basic Form handling with PHP.
    7) Some PHP Session basics.
    8) Use the Mail function to send the user an email.
    * And Much more!

    Any question feel free to send an email at

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