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    Hand-Submission to Directories

    Free & Paid Directory Submissions

    Directory submission is a simple to understand internet marketing and link popularity activity which can be performed by any web site owner. However, if you want to do it yourself, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, which you can alternatively invest in growing your business.

    Benefits of directory submission :

    Improved Link Popularity due to one way links (anyone who knows about Search Engine Optimization, knows how important is one way static links for improving website link popularity).
    Any additional visitor comes from directory .

    We offer hand-submissions to directories for clients. With a new directory being released every day it is apparent we must focus on the highest quality ones.

    Directory Submission Checklist :

    1. Search Engine Friendly Directories
    2. Static Text Links
    3. Age of Directory
    4. Recent cache of sub-pages of directoy
    5. Inclusion in major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
    7. Keywords allowed in Anchor Text.

    Any question feel free to send an email at sachin@jainsachin.com

    Top Directories   Age Price
    http://dmoz.org   1999 Free
    http://www.yahoo.com   1995 $299.00
    http://botw.org   1994 $39.95
    http://sbd.bcentral.com   1999 $49.95
    http://www.joeant.com   2000 $39.99
    http://www.tygo.com   2002 $39.99
    http://www.skaffe.com   2003 $39.99
    http://www.wowdirectory.com   2003 $25.00
    http://www.goguides.org   2001 $69.95
    http://www.01webdirectory.com   2003 $49.00
    http://www.abilogic.com   2003 $39.95
    http://www.allthewebsites.org   2003 Free
    http://www.topicalbeach.com   2004 $40.00
    http://www.sitesnoop.com   2002 $10.00
    http://www.web-beacon.com   2003 $39.99
    http://www.yeandi.com   2003 $20.00
    http://www.rlrouse.com   2002 $49.95
    http://www.elib.org   2003 $60.00
    http://www.portalboost.com   2001 $15.00
    http://www.linkopedia.com   1998 $9.95

    NOTE : This is a Only "submission" service. We cannot guarantee inclusion or the final location of the link. directory editors place your site.

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