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Sachin Online Custom Tailor

Welcome to Our Online Custom Tailor ing Site, Custom tailor a name that can be trusted for outstanding quality workmanship and service when it comes to custom made tailored clothes here in Thailand.

The owner of Shop Name, Mr Sachin, has spent his life perfecting his craftmanship. He loves making sure that his clients leave with the comfort, fit and look they want from their clothes..

There is an element of style that's timeless for the man who portrays confidence and pride in his appearance, Whether you need a Suit, Tuxedo , or a special night on the town, choosing the right look can sometimes be overwhelming. At Sachin custom tailor , we follow simple guides to help you understand custom Tailoring. First, we must consider the coat. Full dress tails, double breasted, single breasted, or if you prefer more fashionable styles like the multiple buttons and longer lengths. Next, we look closely at lapels. Many designs offer fancy lapel treatments such as insets and frames. Lastly, we choose the shirts, vest to complete the look.

What we can do:
Mens Custom Tailoring
Expert Weaving
Womens Custom Tailoring
All work done by Custom tailors. No seamstresses

Repeat Customers Don't be surprised if you walked into our store and met a customer who has visited us in the past the reason why they are back again is simple, they believe in us. We have provided them with excellent friendly service, quality products and reasonable price. Our ability to communicate with them in their language has helped us understand them better thus resulting customer satisfaction a prime aspect in modern business

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